The Bang King 12000 is a solid disposable vape, a bottle that has gained popularity for extraordinary capacity, taste performance, and a vast selection of senses. Many fans consider Bang Vape’s brand to offer some of the best senses on the market.

The Bang King 12000 offers a variety of 10 shields to be selected, available in options 5%, 3%, and 0%. Although dense, Bang King 12000 has an amazing e-liquid capacity of 23 ml and up to 12000 puffs. This device is powered by a recyclable battery of 650 mAh, which triggers a high-performance mesh-coil system.

Bang King 12000 Puffs Disposable Vape (2)



Bang King 12000 Puffs Disposable Vape Specification

  • Puffs: Up to 12000
  • Liquid: 23ml
  • Nicotine: 0% or 3% or 5%
  • Battery: 650mAh Type-C
  • Types:Disposable
  • Weight: 110g/piece
  • Pack box: 10 pieces/box


Products Flavors

  1. Pineapple coconut ice
  2. Watermelon bubblegum
  3. Triple berry ice
  4. Peach ice
  5. Pomegranate
  6. Blue razz ice
  7. Strawberry watermelon
  8. Melon Mint
  9. Rainbow sherbert
  10. strawberry mango
Price: $4.00

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